Pause autohotkey

- posted in ask for help: assume i want f12 to toggle on/off of my script, how would i do that? The amount of time to pause (in milliseconds) between 0 and. This instructable will detail how to create a set of keyboard shortcuts for windows xp/vista that allow you to pause. Hi i'm running autohotkey unicode 64 bit and i'm trying to find a script that allows you to toggle the youtube play/pause button from another. Browse other questions tagged autohotkey or ask your own question.

How to disable/suspend autohotkey automatically when certain programs are in focus?

Apr 07,  · toggle suspend and pause with pause button - posted in ask for help: hi, i want to suspend all hotkeys and pause my script when i press button pause . I have a script say script1 that imported many functions from other scripts. I want some way to create a shortcut button to pause windows media player.

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